Paving & Gravel

Hard landscaping is the backbone of your garden - the architecture which sets off the rest of your design. Using one or at most two styles of paving throughout your design pulls it together and makes the garden work as a whole, so choose carefully from the selection in our garden centre in Newent.



Gravel is easy to lay and very versatile. It's also permeable, allowing excess rainwater to run through - use in ribbons between other paving materials to drain surface water away. Here is a selection of our popular gravels available in store.





Slabs & Edging

Abbey Paving - Antique and York Gold

Available in sizes: 300x300mm, 450x300mm, 450mmx450mm, 600x450mm & 600x600mm


Daleside Walling - Antique and York Gold

Available in either: Full block 440mm x 120mm x 100mm or Coping/Edging Stone 440mm x140mm x 100mm


Wave Top Edging - Antique or York Gold

600mm x 140mm


Stepping Stones

We stock a range of stepping stones to compliment any style of garden 






We stock a wide range of hard landscaping products from Kelkay as well as other manufacturers.

Please ask the staff in our Newent garden centre for more information and advice about using paving in the garden.

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