Whatever the season we have a great selection of wild bird care options here at Trioscape. We have a comprehensive
range of feed to choose from including: Peanuts, No grow seed mixes, Niger seed, Sunflower seeds & fat snax.
We also stock a large range of bird feeders, tables and other equipment to help feed the birds in your garden.

Spring & Summer
During the summer months, birds require high protein foods, especially while they are moulting.
Only feed selected foods at this time of year. Good hygiene is vital, or feeding may do more harm than good.

Autumn & Winter

At this time of year, put out food and water on a regular basis. In severe weather, feed twice daily if you can: in the morning and in the early afternoon.
Birds require high-energy (high-fat) foods during the cold winter weather to maintain their fat reserves to survive the frosty nights. Use only good-quality food and scraps.

Always adjust the quantity given to the demand, and never allow uneaten foods to accumulate around the feeders.
Once you establish a feeding routine, try not to change it as the birds will become used to it and time their visits to your garden accordingly.








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